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3D Modeling, Texturing & Rigging

I’m a 3D artist specializing in modeling, sculpting, texturing, rigging, and rendering CGI models. I create assets for films, video games, and 3D printing, with a passion for intricate 3D jewelry.

Key Skills:

3D Modeling & Sculpting
UV Mapping
Creating & Baking High Poly Details
Bilingual – English & Spanish (Written & Spoken)
I also produce the music heard in my 3D Work Showcases & Timelapses.

My Current 3D Software Packages:

ZBrush: Modeling, Sculpting, High Poly Details, Retopology.
RizomUV or Blender: UV Mapping
Blender: Material Surfaces Assignments, Vertex Groups, Rigging and Animating
Baking: Marmoset ToolBag
Texturing: ZBrush & Substance Painter
Production Rendering: Nvidia’s Iray aka RTX Accurate
Music Production: Native Instruments MK2

My passion project: I Design, 3D Model, Texture, Rig, Light and Render “Elaborate 3D Jewelry”. That is the name I gave my work. My Elaborate 3D Headdresses are compatible with any software package that works with the FBX Format.

Feel free to view my organized Artstation galleries for more examples of my work.