Terms and Conditions

⦁ Replication, duplication or copying of Parallax’s artwork that is featured throughout this website is not permitted.

⦁ Altering artwork created by Parallax is not permitted. It was created to be the way it is and nothing else.

⦁ Selling Parallax’s Artwork is not permitted, it’s illegal. The content on this website is Copywritten.

⦁ Utilizing artwork created by Parallax for use in datasets to teach or train AI Software is not permitted. This includes LoRAs, Textural Embeddings, IMAGE2IMAGE, InPainting and in any other relation to AI Image Generation.

⦁ Distribution of any content on this website is not permitted.

⦁ None of the stories and or written content that Parallax has written for his characters are to serve as drafts, ideas or concepts for any work created by any individual or business entity.

This section will be updated frequently and is subject to change. By visiting this website, you agree to these conditions.

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