The 3D Artwork of ParallaxCreates


The Crystals ©

Indigo Crystals is a character that plays a major role in my fictional story “Zenathon”. A story that I will tell via words and art via this website, soon™.

Indigo Crystals is the mother of this 3D Artwork gallery. I spent two weeks designing, 3D Modeling and Texturing the props and sets you see in this gallery.

I also do my own CGI lighting. It’s another aspect of the 3D pipeline that I enjoy. The render times varied but most of the 3D scenes took an hour and a half due to the reflective surfaces.

The idea of this gallery was to create small 3D worlds that complimented each of my character’s personalities. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that some have alter egos. 

I had lots of fun 3D Modeling, Texturing and conceptualizing the 3D Artwork in this gallery. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

The spherical robot is “Jack”. I designed, 3D Modeled and textured him as well. He is also an original character within the Zenathon story. You’ll see more of him soon enough!

The Virtual Jeweler©

Amasuo En Trance, latest 3d Artwork by ParallaxCreates

I am married to a beautiful woman who is extremely talented in so many ways. Among being a Painter, Digital Artist and Author, she is a Belly Dance Instructor and Performer. The time leading up to her performances were often stressful as she scurried about getting her costumes, music and choreographies ready. Aside from her elaborate costumes, she had makeup to do, then her hair, then finally the jewelry and accessories as well. The entire process was an artform in itself.

As I began to create art with beautiful faces I found myself doing the same. I’d first create a beautiful face, then based upon fictional backgrounds I would write, I design “their” style. From that point on I understood how the fictional woman I created would dress, how she would style her hair, the clothing she’d wear and finally, which jewelry she would be adorned with. This is why I learned 3d Modeling, so I could create anything I wanted to – to create “The Jewels”.

CGI Render of a 3D CGI woman wearing 3D Jewelry created by ParallaxCreates
A realistic CGI Render a woman with long braids sitting a pool of water in gothic atmosphere. She has silver 3d jewelry on her face. 3d Artwork by ParallaxCreates


I created the art within the Dark Prince Collections Gallery between the years 2011 – 2015. Though I have learned so much regarding 3d Modeling in every aspect since, this era of my art is dear to my heart.

Some of the 3D Jewelry you see in this very gallery is actually the first pieces I ever created. Many of the characters here have evolved because I have learned so much over the last 12 years.

I am always learning new techniques and new software so I can not only create more beautiful art but to also take my skills into the CGI industry professionally. This is why I work hard towards staying ahead of the technological curve. You never want to be left behind, that is why self education is crucial.

Thanks for viewing The Dolls as I used to call them back then, I hope you loved them.

Peace ~

3D and 2D Art by ParallaxCreates featuring a character named Lariel. Lariel is the main character of Parallax's story "Zenathon". She is standing with a katana sword in her hand and striking forward.