La Flor - The Last Druid

NFT Owned by  Nik Kalyani

Art and Story by Parallax

She lives in a fantasy world of elves and fairies ravaged under the brutal blade of man that tramples the beauty of nature. She is the last magical druid, the protector of the wild. As a druid she is imbued with powers that allow her to control nature’s plants and flowers, The fate of her magical realm lies within her hands.


The battle of man’s thirst for power breathes chaos onto the lands of Naria. Villages of the peaceful are turned to cinders and bloodshed rains over the magical lands of the wild. The young long to live as elders, a dream that the war of men awakens them from as the nightmare of sorrow, death and famine continues.


There exists a tale told to the young to usher them asleep. The tale of girl who on the brink of despair finds the “Flower of Adaya”. A flower that harnesses the magical powers of an ancient magical druid named “La Adaya”. Only in the darkest times can the truest of hearts locate the “Flower of Adaya”.


There exists a girl named Flor and darkness has befallen upon her land where harpies weep, fairies shiver in fear, dwarves yearn for happiness and mead but their taverns are turned to ash. The lands cry, The wild is in danger of being eradicated. If the wild cannot be saved then time itself will cease to exist. Deep in the forest a girl seeks refuge from evil. She sits against the trunk of a beautiful tree. In the distance she sees a glow that looks to be a flower.


The girl rises to her feet and moves slowly towards the glow and to her surprise it is actually a flower! She reaches for the flower and in an instant as her fingertips touch the pedals of the flower the girl feels a surge of love, happiness and purity throughout her body. She now wields the power of the ancient magical druid “La Adaya”.


She hears a whisper, “La Flor”.


She turns hysterically confused and fluttered but finds no person near nor far. She cries out loud, “Who is there, where are you?”.


“I am here La Flor, in the palm of your hand. I am the Flower of Adaya and you now wield the power of the wild. Go forth and save your lands. The fate of Naria lies in your hands.”


“What is this power you speak of?”, questions Flor but the flower disappears. Flor stomps her foot out of frustration and without knowing so, she crushes a flower. She looks down to the flower in sadness and drops to her knees. “Why must the world be so sad, why can’t we be free to love and live our dreams happily? Why are men so cruel, is there any hope?”


Flor looks down to the flower and says, “Forgive me little one, I meant you no harm. The other flower said I can save our lands but all I have done is hurt it more. I wish I would’ve never came here, I wish I would’ve never found that wretched flower. Then maybe, just maybe you’d still be alive little one. I wish you were.”


All of a sudden the song of the wind swims wildly through Flor’s hair, trees are swaying like dancing fairies as the forest around Flor comes to life. The wind is so strong that it kicks up the dust and leaves making it impossible to see. Flor scurries back to the beautiful tree, “what is happening? What is this? STOP! Cease this at once!”


The wind is no more. Everything stops, exactly as she commanded. As if the wild lands of the forest obeyed her. The dust settles, everything is silent. Not a single sound. Off in the distance Flor sees something incredible, what was once no more now lives again. The little flower she unintentionally destroyed stands more gloriously beautiful than ever before.


Flor looks down to her to the palm of her hand and up again to the flower, “did I save you little one? Was that me? Is this the magic the glowing flower spoke of?”.


Will Flor save the wild lands of Naria? Does she now truly wield the powers of an ancient magical druid? The story of La Flor and her magical gift will continue! See you then!