The Wagon Ride

In 2011 I fell in love with a video game named Skyrim. The power of Skyrim lies within it’s immersive experience. You enter a world that is thriving with 3d characters and riddled with stories of promising adventures. You start your journey by creating your own 3d character, and that’s when it happened.

The game became an incubator for my creativity. I spent the majority of my time creating characters rather than actually playing the game. Creating beautiful characters became a hobby, one that would become something much greater one day.

I began sharing screenshots of my beautiful characters within the Skyrim modding community. At that time they were referred to as “Glamazons” which was actually pretty funny because it meant I made my characters look like medieval supermodels. I then started to 3d model jewelry and upload them to a website called Nexus Mods. My 3d jewelry mods went on to become “Files of the Month” which was really cool. I eventually moved on from modding to focus more on developing my skills.

As I discovered my newfound passion for 3D art, I dedicated myself to continuous improvement and skill development. To expand my expertise beyond just modding a single game, I diligently watched numerous online tutorials for various 3D software. My objective was to master the creation of high-quality 3D assets comparable to those produced in formal university courses. After a long day at work, I established a daily routine of immersing myself in tutorials, ensuring consistent progress in my artistic journey.

I am a passionate and versatile 3D Artist, constantly seeking to elevate my craft and explore new creative horizons. I am a 3D Modeler, Texture Artist and also Rig 3D Models. My 3D Software of choice is ZBrush for 3D Modeling and Sculpting. I Texture in Substance Painter and Rig 3D Models in Maya. I create anything from characters to clothing, armor, props and weapons but I confess my undying love for Designing, 3D Modeling and Rigging what I call “Elaborate 3D Jewelry”.

I create skin textures, hair, 3d characters, clothing, armor, weapons, props & of course 3d jewelry. For more information on my 3d Modeling Portfolio please click here. I’ve also sold 3d assets online via several online marketplaces like Daz 3d with over 8,000 sales worldwide. My passion is to learn, adapt and evolve my skills.

Thank you for reading! Peace ~